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Demi lovato is perfect and should not even listen to those losers …


"both plead ‘not guilty’ with heavy accents" 

"both men spoke with thick accents"

is the media seriously trying to make the fact that they don’t speak perfect English in perfect “American accents” look like a bad thing? of course they have accents. they grew up on an entirely different continent, surrounded by people who do not speak English as a first language.

fun fact: you can be a really great person and not speak a word of English. surprising, right?

Investigators released photos and video of the two Tsarnaev brothers on Thursday afternoon, but at that point their identities were not known. By late that night Tamerlan was dead.

Mrs Tsarnaeva said her elder son told her by telephone that the FBI had called to inform him that they considered him a suspect and he should come in for questioning.

She said her son refused. “I told them, what do you suspect me of?” Tsarnaeva quoted her son as saying. “This is your problem and if you need me you should come to where I am.”

He then told her he was going to drive his younger brother to the university, she said. Mrs Tsarnaeva claimed that her son later called his wife to tell her they were being chased and fired upon.


"if supporters would not consider his request too selfish or rude"
like what even is this kid
he’s in jail, life is fucked forever, and he has people willing to send him mad books and he’s worried he’ll sound selfish or rude by saying what he’d prefer
literally i do not understand how, given the circumstances, someone could still be so considerate and sweet and thoughtful
especially not an alleged terrorist but i digress


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I would rather be the idiot who fought for a guilty man to be freed than the soulless piece of garbage who cheered for the execution of an innocent man.

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